Welcome To Xana beach



""Active, restful, wondrous, pleasurable... all kinds of holidays are to be had at Xana Beach - but perhaps the best are those down-to-earth family get-togethers" to read more of the review go to www.theasiavillaguide.com/xanabeach/


  Map of Phuket

On this map of Phuket you will find the location of the house.


  A view of the house from the air

Here you will find a drawing of the house and surroundings.


 Description and sales price of the house

Here you will find a detailed description of the house and the price of the estate.


Layout of the plot of land

Here you will find the lay out of the plot of land and of the house.


Technical drawings of the house

Here you will find the technical drawings of the house.


Photo's and how to buy

A selection of photo's of the house, the property and the environment.